Our Values

As a fiduciary, we will always put our clients’ needs above our own.

Objectivity: We understand that clients hire for objective advice. We thoroughly inspect our wide range of options before recommending solutions to our clients.

Honesty & Openness: Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Financial planning is no different. We strive to be open with our clients and encourage them to do the same.

Respect: Whether you are a prospective or existing client, respect is the heart of our collaboration. We respect you as an individual and always strive to make you feel heard and appreciated.

Teamwork: Financial planning is a collaborative effort. At SideBar Advisors, we work together as a team, both among staff and clients, to deliver the best possible experience.

Authenticity: We bring our true selves to work every day. We believe that being authentic in our interactions with you will help us build the trust and confidence to lead to a successful long-term partnership.

Community: Through our professional development resources, including webinars that allow you to earn CLE credits and hosting our podcast and virtual networking events, we believe in bringing attorneys together to help them advance and share best practices.