Our Story

What’s Financially Unique about Attorneys?

What makes our practice unique is our focus on attorneys. About 15 years ago, a local bar association requested us to present a CLE on financial planning. From there forward, we have continued presenting our seminars to various law firms and bar associations.

As we started getting more clients in the legal space, we noticed that not all attorneys’ finances are identical. Depending on your employment situation, there can be vast differences in your needs:

  • In-house lawyers may require help navigating their stock options and appreciating the tax ramifications of exercising them.
  • Compensation is often irregular for attorneys on contingency, making budgeting and tax planning challenging.
  • Solo or equity partners may need guidance in understanding the unique retirement options available to business owners.
  • Newly admitted attorneys can find it difficult to pay off student loans while investing for future goals.

While each attorney has unique needs, we built our firm as a central resource for lawyers seeking financial advice. Should you choose to partner with us, you can rely on us to create an a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your needs and address the following:

  • Mitigating your tax burden as your careers evolve
  • Investment solutions to fit your needs
  • Planning for education
  • Planning for a successful retirement
  • Student loan repayment strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Guidance on the appropriate types of insurance
  • Budget strategies